Best be sure to wear a hat!

I know I’ve been mentioning this episode millions of times, (since it’s my favorite) but there’s something else I wanna point out: now looking at Wander’s nightmare, I realized how the nightmare can actually resemble how Wander’s anxiety exactly feels like. I mean think about, do any of these followings is familiar to how get anxious about something. Because I can see mine with Wander struggling to swim. I feel as if this episode is trying to also shout out to people who don’t have anxiety on what it’s like to have one and people who do make them understand what it’s like going through it. This episode really gets me. But remember, this is my theory. :/


"Learn how to control your kid!"

"You take that back! He is a perfect little angel!" 

"Were not his parents!"

Yes, I know this video is very old, but it’s still worth watching. :)

Everyone at the end of season 2 episode 4 of the walking dead game. (via mommysissy7)

Space is a dangerous place.


Space is a dangerous place.

Telltale: so, *points gun at* you want us to kill the baby?


Telltale: hmm….alright then.

Me: phew. :)

Telltale: we’ll just kill her then. *kills Rebecca*

Me: *harsh cry for eternity* D’X


Favourite moment from TWDG S2 Ep2. - Rebecca and Clementine in the cabin

I thought this scene was beautifully executed. The look on Rebecca’s face when she sees Clementine just made me gush. This woman was hostile to you from the start. She was the only one who didn’t give you the benefit of the doubt, and even though earlier she apologized, they just didn’t connect until now. She trusted Clem to even give her advise, which isn’t like her at all.

I hope we get to see more scenes like this with Rebbeca, and I hope she makes it. She’s  becoming one of my favourites.


Playing Episode 4 of the Walking Dead like

I hate everybody…

[comfort baby]